TECH-SYSTEM PARMA S.r.l. was set up in November 2008 by some former employees of Berchi Group, where they recovered important tasks, both technical and commercial.
Tech-System avails itself of highly qualified staff which comes from very important companies of bottling and packaging trade, like Berchi Group and Sidel Simonazzi.
In 2009, as confirmation of the quality of its work, Tech-System got ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Tech-System provides services at 360°, with the aim of providing a careful, rapid and qualitative service, which satisfies customers needs and expectations, optimizing line productivity, providing and guaranteeing spare parts and equipments, suggesting technological, electronic and mechanical modifications and innovations.
Tech-System has already obtained the confidence of important customers, such as Coca Cola , Danone, Nestlé, Sacofrina, Monticchio Gaudinello, Citra Vini.
Our company can provide the following services:
•Spare parts and equipments on the machines and lines for filling & packaging
•Modifications, upkeeps, overhauls and mechanic assemblies
•Movement and installation of machines and complete lines
•Mechanic and electronic design
•Realization of on-board panels and systems
•Modifications and upgrading of PLC and operator interfaces
•Assistance for starting and tests by final customer
•Supervision and advice for machines and complete lines installation, realization of line lay-out
Tech-System collaborates with other companies in the same sector, with whom it has underwritten a partnership, in order to complete the range of services which can be offered, such as technical manuals, CE certifications, machines and systems supplying, both new and/or guaranteed overhauled.


Via Pietro Nenni, 30/A - 43030 San Michele Tiorre - Felino - (Parma) Italy

tel. (+39) 0521 834293 - fax (+39) 0521 548904